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Freeze Dryer

Cham Foods is a multinational food ingredients manufacturer with over 35 years of industry experience. We specialize in dehydrating both bio-organic and non-organic foods into powders. We pride ourselves in being leaders and innovators in powdered products. We provide our worldwide customers outstanding quality, safety and customer service.
Egg Products
We are universal leaders and innovators in egg products manufacturing with diversified egg powders and liquid eggs for both the industrial and food service markets. We have facilities in the United States, Israel, Turkey and Russia. Learn More
Nutritional Supplements
We are experts and innovators in powder processing. We provide turnkey solutions to leading food and nutrition companies. We’re experts in ideation, product development and formulation through processing and packaging. Learn More
Tomato & Other Fruit and Vegetable Products
We are a world leader in manufacturing tomato powder and paste. Our customers are multinational food companies. Learn More
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