It's not magic, it's brilliant tech

the future of food is made by combining high-end patented technology, with the finest, safest and tastiest ingredients, to create the ultimate food in less than a minute.

Genie's Pods

The Genie Smart Pods feature endless possibilities to create the perfect dish to fit your personal taste buds. You can also go wild with our special edition recipes, exclusively made by World Class Chefs and Bakers for Genie.

WOW, what's in those Genie Pods?

Each Genie’s Pod, contains natural ingredients mixed with the best freeze dried fruits and vegetables, with no added preservatives. You can even personalize your food to fit your specific diet, whether you need gluten, egg or even dairy free foods – it’s done with a push of a button. The G-Pod are also eco-friendly, with a shelf life of over a year that highly reduces food waste.