Opuntia = Cactus Fig = Prickly Pear Fruit = Super Food

This cactus, known around the globe in many names, may well be the plant of the future.

It is a healthy and nutritive fruit with unique sensorial characteristics.

It grows in the Southern desert of Israel in a global gap and organic certified farm.

The Cactus Fig Organic Farm - French TV Coverage

It offers a healthy diet, obesity management and diabetes relief, according to an article by Dr. David Biton last year.

Dr. Biton Article on The Cactus Fig

Pure Cactus Fig powder is available year round and and can be used for many applications, such as:

  • Pure natural flavour.
  • Pure natural color
  • Coating of healthy (possibly extruded) snacks
  • Basis for smoothie, just add water and mix
  • Part of a vitamin rich formula

At Cham Foods we offer the powder as well as freeze dried wedges as a pure snack!

Many articles have been written on the therapeutic power of this fruit.

See several examples:

Opuntia is useful in cardiovascular disorders and as an anti-oxidant

Opuntia is useful in calcium rich diet

Opuntia may also be useful as anti-cancer and anti-viral

Dr. Trivedi and Dr. Raval write in their review of the Opuntia cactus that the global interest  in this cactus dates back many thousands of years. The ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and particularly to Aztec culture forms the basis of its origin and history.

The ancient cultures have realized its potential as a medicine and a source of nourishment.

The cactus contains many attractive and valuable compounds, and should be highly valued for the protection and development of arid and semi-arid zones around the world.

It can actually form the basis for life for resource-poor people living in these marginal areas. 

Dr. Trivedi and Dr. Raval Review

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