Spray-dried tomato powders


Spray Dried Tomato Powder – conventional and organic.

The best solution for soups, sauces and seasoning.

A manufacturer and processor of fruits and vegetable solutions, Cham Foods has been manufacturing tomato powder for over 30 years. Always keeping the best color and the best flavor by selectively sourcing the best tomatoes from around the world. We supply many multinationals. We perform shipping globally. Our spray dried tomato powder begins from sourcing the best tomatoes – conventional and organic. This will allow the right flavor and the right color all through the manufacturing processes. Then we carefully create a high quality pulp. The spray dried technology allows us to continuously manufacture spray dried tomato powder from the pulp. This tomato powder is used in many applications, from sauces, to instant meals. From seasonings and natural flavor enhancer to natural color. From snacks coating to instant soups. It is all about the tomato, spray dried at the right parameters, to allow the best spray dried tomato powder flavor and color. Offered in organic or conventional quality.We manufacture and market a variety of spray-dried tomato powders:

Standard, Organic, High-lycopene

Different processing for different applications:

CB (Cold Break), HB (Hot Break) – and consistencies (Brix).

The spray dried tomato powders are used in:

  • Ready-to-consume meals such as Soups and Sauces.
  • Natural food coloring and seasoning for the snack foods industry.
  • Pasta, seasonings, sauces and dressings.

We have warehouses in the USA, and distributors around the world. 

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Our products are sold worldwide to multinational customers

We also offer other powders, such as lemon powder and non-dairy thickener / whitener.