Freeze Drying at Cham Foods

Our main freeze drying offering advantages is our uncompromised quality, combined with our flexibility in development and production. We have developed a broad and always growing range of products through more than 15 years of freeze drying food and nutritional supplements. This knowledge allows us to supply you a product most suitable for your specific application, while always keeping a reasonable price.


What Is Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a special form of drying that removes all moisture from a frozen produce using a very low temperature and vacuum throughout the process. Freeze Drying tends to have less of an effect on a food’s taste than other forms of drying does. The end product is about 10% of its original weight, while retaining original characteristics such as volume, taste and smell. After rehydration the product is often indistinguishable from the fresh product.


Advantages of Freeze Dried Foods

Freeze drying allows raw materials to be stored for long periods of time while remaining additive-free. It is the “closest to fresh” possible from all other drying or conservation methods. Product color, shape, flavor and nutritional value remain intact. The end product is about 10-25% of its original weight, while retaining original volume, taste and smell. We offer a broad range of products, all 100% pure, without additives: Contract drying and small runs are available. Pilot and quality control laboratories allow efficient product and process development according to customer’s specific needs.